Baggage bay capacity

What is your ideal number of stands for one baggage bay? I tried with 10 to 20 medium stands to one baggage bay and it seems causing delays.

I usually build a baggage bay for every 5-6 medium stands. If it’s only small stands, I’d go for a maximum of 8 stands.
NOTE: I have belt loaders for each medium stand and 2 baggage trucks per stand.

5 to 8 medium stands is maximum limit without causing delays. For small stands only I would say 10 to 13

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I build max 7-8, usually 4-6 medium stands per bay, that works for a tight schedule.

If less flights are handled, more stands per bay are possible, too.

I only go for 4 medium stands per baggage bay. Main reason is that ramp agents tend to start their rest with the replacement agents being at the other side of the airport, leaving the baggage bay empty for quite a while. With only 4 stands connected, the resulting delay will still be okay.
But that’s mostly a problem of the game itself and bad staff scheduling - if ramp agents are there you can easily do more stands.

Related question: How many ramp agents will you have per baggage bay? For my 4 medium stands I’d get along with 3-4 on each side (really hope the developers will make it more flexible and have a total number for both sides, spreading into two groups depending on work load).

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5 small stands, about 3 medium.
I still have problems, must be the belt length and most probably the distance to the rest room and workload.

How many ramp agents will you have per baggage bay?

Always maxed out. If job task system would work properly, I’m sure more stands per bay and less ramp agents were possible, easily…


If I only have medium stands attached to a particular baggage bay I go with 1 on each side for each stand. It works fine for me up to 4 medium stands (which is normally the most I attach to 1 baggage bay).

How about the baggage claim…do you share one Zone for several baggage bays or do you build for every bay a single claim?

Yesterday I built 1 claim zone (1 circle) divided into 3 zones and it seems to work. During bedtime, I thought about the same system like in a regular airport.1 main belt and from this outgoing different claim zones…

##Edit: Here was a wrong sentence, removed to avoid misleading anyone###

I’m trying the more realistic way having different claim zones which are only connected underground. 4 stands go to one bay and each bay has its own claim zone.

I’d even prefer to have every claim zone connected to every (reachable) baggage bay and then just let the game choose which claim zone will be assigned for a single flight. But it doesn’t work like that unfortunately. You can attach several claim zones to a single bay, but then the baggage of a flight will be spread between the different claim zones.

Well, actually it’s not possible to put all bays to one claim zone cause you can only connect one claim zone to one bay…or do I miss something? That’s, by the way, something I miss that you can connect one zone to several bays directly. But the only way atm is only to split the belt into several zones which you can connect to all the different bays.

But i see your point! :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry, my first sentence was wrong. The other way is possible, you can set all claim areas to the same bay. But not more than one bay per claim zone. That’s because the connection is done from the baggage claim.

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