Baggabe bay - not working anymore

Hi, I got an issue with my baggage bays. Since on the the last updates (in experimental) almost all of my baggage bays are not working any more. Just one of them is working properly. The service vehicles are just entering the zone, waiting for luggage, are not getting loaded and then make a curve and comeback again. There are no baggages loaded/ or unloaded any more. So I compared the working one to the others, since I supposed it would be a zoning issue but found no difference. They are all constructed the same way. Can you give me some advice, may has there been a change recently?

Thx in advance!

That warning message occurs when a stand connected to that baggage bay does not have a viable path, i.e. the baggage bay cannot be reached by all stands connected to it. Are you sure that they all are reachable? You can use the vehicle path analysis tool to verify that.

I just checked that, but there are 5 out of 6 bays with that error message. They are at different locations at the airport and connected to different stands and all are reachable.

Can you drop us a bug report?

I can see one relating to this issue but it’s lacking attached files, can you try and resubmit it?

Sending failed couple of times, still sending at the moment. Otherwise I send you the save and the log via Mail, fine?

Unfortunately not as we due to security concerns don’t open files that are sent to us. Are you blocking ACEO via your firewall?

I created an Incident: ACEO-42366

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