Bagage reaching passenger very low


My bagage reaching affect is pretty low (6%), does anyone know how it comes? There also a lot off people at my bagage claim area. Below is a screenshot :slight_smile:

Can you check the following:

  • Is baggage offloaded from the aircraft correctly?
  • Is baggage unloaded at the baggage bay correctly?
  • Does baggage travel to the claim correctly?

Judging from one picture in which I cannot see a great deal of belt layout, I suspect you scan incoming baggage. Incoming baggage shouldn’t be scanned and therefore any bags scanned and destroyed (because of contraband) is likely to count towards your “bags not reaching passenger” rating. I also suspect that a rating of 6% doesn’t mean that only 6% arrived, it is probably calculated with a some kind of logarithmic formula (If I destroyed half your stuff you wouldn’t be 50% happy)

Increase the number of Ramp Agents on the baggage bay.
Or unlock the option to use the faster baggage belts, this should get them from point A to B a lot faster!

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