Backlog for future "design" items

Hey Forum. As the devs are enjoying their summer holidays, I thought it might be fun to create some kind of a centralized backlog dedicated to design items you would like to see in the future.

What do I mean by design items? Basically anything that can be used to make your airport look prettier or that allows you to customize your airport. Certainly nothing that we can expect soon™ as the focus should be more on functional and technical developments, but nevertheless it should be collected somewhere.

Enough of the words, let me simply start:

Trees and Flowers

  • Colourful hedges
  • Wide hedges (2 tiles wide)
  • Flower beds with colourful flowers in it
  • Customizable flower beds (such as the restaurant counters, when you build a corner, it will be round)
  • Tall plants for within the terminal and tall trees for within the terminal (e.g. like in Singapore Changi’s new terminal)


  • Curved benches
  • Current passenger seating (small and large) but with small tables between the seats
  • More choices for passenger seating. Currently we have a single 5-seater and a 20-seater, would be nice to have 4-seater, 3-seater and 10-seater (single rows) to have more flexibility in designing.


  • Customizable tables comparable to the restaurant counter tops
  • Glass tables
  • Outside tables like picknick tables with benches directly connected to them


  • Floor colour should in general be colourable
  • Dark ceramic tiles
  • Various carpet structures and colours


  • Small lights that only light the immediate area on the floor
  • Stylish lamps for inside the terminal
  • Lamps that can be placed on top of tables
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I’d love to have more variety on the airport design, but there’s also the “it’s not a simulation - it’s a management game” maxim.
I’m also a big fan of “everything is connected”, and in ACEO that means, everything should have some impact.
For instance, different pax should prefer different kind of seating, maybe even depending on their mood.
Persons should try to avoid to walk in dark areas (oh! the pathfinding!)
Nice settings (define “nice”) should make pax feel more comfortable and happier or whatever and at the end lead to a better airport rating.
Airport rating should have at least a little impact on how many pax want to use your airport, which should cause more and better paid airline flights. (Is that already the case at the moment?)

To add something to your list:
Advertising signs: They need a contract with a advertising company or are managed directly by the airport. If they advertise a facility at the airport (shop, restaurant) they raise the customers of the facility.

Erm, yes, not exactly the pure design item you proposed, more a plea for the opposite… :slightly_smiling_face: : There should be no pure design items.
But I don’t speak against you, you yourself have proposed 4-, 3- and 10-seater which do have an impact and therefore are not pure design items.

I’m not very strict here, I’m okay with the characteristic does not always have to have an impact, e.g the colour of seating. But then again if it gets too extreme (e.g. everything black turning your check-in hall into a gothic vault), it should.


Yeh this is good but for me most importantly is routes and fixing of bugs but hopefully devs will consider your idea. :slight_smile:

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