Background color and text color not changing

Can you tell me how to change the background color and text color in the flight schedule?
Whatever I write in “json” has no effect. Always this grey-black color.
I even rewrote the numbers from other mods - no effect. At least make the background white and text black.


Did you reload the game?

Yes. I made changes. Then I went into the game and looked at the result. Then he left the game again. Made changes again and logged in again.

What does the image look like?

You might need to cancel and renew the contract too.

I did not understand the question. In the screenshot above: the red arrow is what I get all the time (black background and white text), the green arrow is what I would like to get.

The Logo.png and Inv.logo.png what do they look like?

Hmmm. I have not tried this option. I’ll try it now and report back.

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When I dev mods I tend to have a save, grab the contract, try things out and then quit. Update the mod and try again from a refresh reload of the game,


I like the font a lot too.

Thank you! Problem solved.
Refused the contract - Left the game - Disabled the mod - Re-enabled the mod - Took the contract - Everything worked out. =)

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Great to hear. TY

That’s what happened :slight_smile:
Then I will figure out how to upload it to the “Airport CEO” in the “Steam Workshop”. Instructions like found here, I will read.

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the reason is, when you accept the contract, the color codes get copied to the gamedata.json in the savegame and is not linked to the mod folder as the logo is… weird concept.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, it was not like that, it would update on the fly (pun intended).

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