B777X engine damaged

Boeing just keeps getting problems one after another.
In what’s been labeled a ‘freak shipping accident’, one of the revamped GE9X engines destined for the 777X has been damaged on its way from GE plant to Boeing Everett factory in Washington.
Here’s a full article for you geeks.


It’s what happens when the dream becomes the money… Boeing’s lost their way and only continue to exist and be as successful as they are because of their sheer size.

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I think they can survive through this horror, but now they’ve learned the hard way that using the same airframe for many years to quickly sell units won’t do them any better, they really should change their business strategy. They’re lazy to invest into R&D and clean sheet design (which I believe is thanks to Airbus and NEO program), which is obviously very costly, but brand new planes = kinked out flaws from previous generations and improved aerodynamics and efficiency. But they still chose the easy way anyway.

Boeing is just being slow, i mean just look at when the next major Boeing plane came out, and some people think the 797 is the X-48, I mean get your facts right, meanwhile, Airbus is rolling out a ton of planes, in the past decade, Airbus has released a lot of planes, meanwhile, well, IDK what Boeing is doing.