B777, catering truck and airport logo

Good day, guys,

I just starting to resume my modding life since big bird update, and there are three things that make me bit confusion.

  1. Invisible b777 modding template. I can see couples of pics contained b777 on their airport, but I found nothing related to b777 on the official livery Kit on Google drive, any suggestion?

  2. Custom catering truck. Not for the custom truck model, but for catering service provider logo, how do I update my custom catering provider logo onto the truck?

  3. Custom airport logo. I watched some gameplaying on youtube, and I believe 1 of the YouTuber is actually setting his own airport logo by inserting his own logo works, then the game system generates the name on an airport logo that I couldn’t find within the game, anyone knows whats going on?

Thanks in advance


Welcome David, Relating to issues one… The custom 777’s you’ve probably seen are mine. They are very custom and I’m still awaiting the release of the MDK myself. Should be this week.

Catering and Airport Logos are now fully modable. I’ve got custom ones working and published like others to the Workshop too.

Thank you Rubble! Seems I should preparing b777 livery works soon. Also, may I ask you is there any useful link/article regarding custom catering and airport logo? I dont have any direction.

Thanks in advance


Nothing official. The few that have published have worked things out from the samples in the MDK and previous experience.

There’s quite a bit of info spread across the forums, else where I’m not sure about. Just following the default releases I’ve learned a lot.

Airport logos are 256px square.

If you want to mod your own custom logo:

  1. Search “run” on your windows and type in %appdata%\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves

  2. Navigate to the save you want to change

  3. Replace logo.png and logo_rendered.png with your custom logo. It should be in 256 by 256 pixels to fit on every car. This will also allow old Alpha 32 airports to have logos displayed on vehicles. Transparent background is best for logos too!