Aviation Roleplay 2.0

Here you can create your own airline and aircraft manufacturer. Expand your fleet, join alliances and expand throughout the world. If you want you can create a aircraft manufacturer and other people can order you aircraft, however it must be realistic. For example, you can’t have a plane with one door that is the same size as a A380. If you want you can make a logo, liveries and templates, but are not required.


  • You can start with a fleet of 5 aircraft

  • Only use a real world airline if no one else is

  • Announce you are going to order an aircraft before you add it to your fleet and wait until order is confirmed before adding it to your fleet.

  • You can form alliances with other airlines or join a current one.

  • Routes and aircraft must be realistic

  • You can only order a new aircraft if it is still in production.

  • You must announce important things to do with your airline.

  • You must announce you are using a name before you start.


The GAA, or the General Aviation Authority, heads all investigations and reports, approves routes and orders, as well as other things.

Airline Department

The Airline Department approves new routes for airlines and allows airlines to open hubs. They also certify airlines to fly into other countries

Safety Board

The Safety Board investigates all incidents and determines whether or not an aircraft is airworthy.

Financial Department

Airlines will be required to submit financial reports with losses and profits, in detail, to the Financial Department every quarter


Why this page when there is an old one?)

Majority was yes

Only use a real world airline if no one else is - why such a decision?

So 2 people wont take Delta for example

The translator translates for me: you can create only real airlines. That’s the question - virtual can not?)))

PM me and Ill be happy to clear up any concerns

Dutchways was founded. Hub:RTM

Look who came from the dead… Fokker is back in bussiness! With a new product that can rival the likes of Embraer E2 and Airbus A220 series. Fokker is now introducing a new re-engined and composite upgraded versions of their most popular regional airliners - Fokker 70NG and Fokker 100NG,there is also a new stretched variant Fokker 130NG. All 3 new variants are avaible for order.

New features compared to Fokker classic series include:

  • new high-bypass geared turbofan engines
  • revised door configuration on F130NG
  • new avonics by Rockwell-Collins
  • tweaked window to seat aligment
  • new composite parts on all of the plane
  • new blended winglets
  • comfortable 3-2 seating configuration with large overhead bins

Technical data:

Fokker 70NG

  • Capacity: 85 (All Economy), 72 (Two Class)
  • Cabin Width: 3,30m
  • Length: 30,91m
  • Wingspan: 28,97m
  • Cruise Speed: 870 km/h
  • Range: 3900km
  • Ceiling: 36.000ft

Fokker 100NG

  • Capacity: 122 (All Economy), 97 (Two Class)
  • Cabin Width: 3,30m
  • Length: 35,53m
  • Wingspan: 28,97m
  • Cruise Speed: 870 km/h
  • Range: 3700km
  • Ceiling: 36.000ft

Fokker 130NG

  • Capacity: 145 (All Economy), 105 (Two Class)
  • Cabin Width: 3,30m
  • Length: 39m
  • Wingspan: 28,97m
  • Cruise Speed: 870 km/h
  • Range: 3950km
  • Ceiling: 36.000ft

List prices:
F70NG 78mil $
F100NG 85mil $
F130NG 92mil $
(prices can be negotiated, if a loyal customer or a large order is placed)
-When ordering planes please state your wanted seating capacity, for max. seating capacity see details above.
-Be sure to state the registrations of your aircraft, so we can keep track of them.

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Dutchways likes to order 5 F130NG’s with 145 economy seats. The registrations are listed below:

Will I continue my game here?

Just copy paste your important info, for example: Airline name, Other data, that kind of stuff.

Dutchways is happy to announce their first livery and routes:


Dutchways likes to order 2 Fokker 70 NG’s with 85 economy seats. The registrations are below:

Your order has been confirmed and your planes will be dispatched soon.

Cheviot Aerospace has been founded, with its first aircraft, the narrow-body CV20, nearing entry into service - all it needs are a few orders from some reputable airlines!

The CV20-2, the larger variant of the aircraft. Diagram made possible by https://www.norebbo.com/ !

Here are the specs:


Capacity: 210 (All Economy), 186 (Two Class)
Cabin Width: 3.6m
Length: 48m
Wingspan: 38m
Cruise Speed: 560mph (901km/h)
Range: 5000nmi
Ceiling: 48000ft
Engines x2: Pratt & Whitney PW2000 series
Door Layout (One Side): 4 x Large Door


Capacity: 235 (All Economy), 200 (Two Class)
Cabin Width: 3.6m
Length: 50m
Wingspan: 38m
Cruise Speed: 560mph (901km/h)
Range: 4500nmi
Ceiling: 48000ft
Engines x2: Pratt & Whitney PW2000 series
Door Layout (One Side): 2 x Large Door, 2 x Over-wing Door, 1 x Large Door

It can fly Paris to San Francisco, is more advanced than the 757 (and has a wider cabin too!), and suits the “Middle of the Market” perfectly!

If you are interested in ordering, please let me know!

Airline Yantar Express
Hub: Moscow Domodedovo airport
Airline fleet: Sukhoi SuperJet 100-95LR x10, Boeing 737-800 x4
Spring-summer flight schedule airline Yantar Express:
From Moscow-Domodedovo airport to:
Saint Petersburg (x5 flight a day)
Novosibirsk (x2 flight a day)
Yekaterinburg (x2 flight a day)
Nizhny Novgorod (x1 flight a day)
Samara (x2 flight a day)
Omsk (x1 flight a day)
Kazan (x1 flight a day)
Chelyabinsk (x1 flight a day)
Rostov-on-Don (x2 flight a day)
Ufa (x2 flight a day)
Volgograd (x1 flight a day)
Perm (x1 flight a day)
Krasnoyarsk (x1 flight a day)
Voronezh (x1 flight a day)
Saratov (x1 flight a day)
Krasnodar (x1 flight a day)
Ulyanovsk (x1 flight a day)
Yaroslavl (x1 flight a day)
Irkutsk (x1 flight a day)
Tyumen (x1 flight a day)
Makhachkala (x1 flight a day)
Astrakhan (x1 flight a day)
Lipetsk (x1 flight a day)
Kaliningrad (x1 flight a day)
Bryansk (x1 flight a day)
Stavropol (x1 flight a day)
Belgorod (x1 flight a day)
Arkhangelsk (x1 flight a day)
Sochi (x2 flight a day)
Vladikavkaz (x1 flight a day)
Murmansk (x1 flight a day)
Surgut (x1 flight a day)
Saransk (x1 flight a day)
Syktyvkar (x1 flight a day)


Swiftline to begin operations soon!

We would like to order 8 Fokker 100, 1 Fokker F100NG

Fly out from Lyon to Lviv just for 12 euros! :heart_eyes:
Fly in style. Fly swiftline


Newcomer Envision Airlines is planned to start as a coast-to-coast within the United States and a “long haul carrier”.

Planned Fleet - 10 CS300 aircraft.
Planned Fleet-Map - 2 Aircraft per route:

JFK-LHR one flight a day - LHR-JFK one flight a day - WITH 2 AIRCRAFT
HSV-SFO three flights a day - SFO-HSV three flights a day - WITH 2 AIRCRAFT
LAS-JFK two flights a day - JFK-LAS two flights a day - WITH 2 AIRCRAFT
HSV-LAS two flights a day - LAS-HSV two flights a day - WITH 2 AIRCRAFT
JFK-SFO three flights a day - SFO-JFK three flights a day - WITH 2 AIRCRAFT

Current Branding Plans:

(old picture from an old airline design contest)

Envision would like you to do just that, ENVISION a new way to fly. Livery still in planning stages, but Envision would encourage you to catch the curves on their new logo!

Currently awaiting 10 CS300 aircraft on file.

We are sorry, but the classic series F100 is no longer in production. You can only source them our second-hand. In that case, we can provide atleast technical support. We can only deliver you the one F100NG, if you still want it.