Automatic gates do not work

Hello! Automatic gates do not work with the update. Boarding the plane does not open, people sit and wait for departure. If you put a manual gate, then the boarding is in progress. How do I fix this problem? thanks.

Hi would you have a screenshot of zones and click the stand so we can see the connection lines :slight_smile: much easier to assist.


Yes, have the Phenomen too (3.1.7)

At boarding time, all the people only uses manual boarding desk, ignoring the automated one…


Are the self-boarding gates connected to the stand?

Yep, they are… :slight_smile:

Yes, please drop a bug report and let me know the number here! :slight_smile:

I will report the bug later, after i’m sure about the conditions…

Because yesterday, the Gates didn’t work. Minutes ago, looking for a good perspective for a Bug-Screenshot, suddenly saw all autogates properly at work. Then, interrupted by a call, 15 Minutes later, now the gates not handling passengers anymore… Maybe they will work after reload only for a while…

I will observe and report then more details in the bug.

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Please do, it could very well be as you describe and something I need to investigate over a longer period. Please let me know the number here when you’ve reported it! :heart:

sure, ACEO-36953.

But i’m unhappy… If i will monitor long enought, i will find the pattern, grhhh… :crazy_face:

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I’ve found the issue and it will be patched in tonight’s update! :slight_smile:


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