Automated boarding desk issue

Hey guys!

I have an issue with automated boarding desks. For some reason passengers are queueing on top of each other just in front of the desks and there is a pathfinding complain on top of them.

Eventually they do board the plane, however, they do so with some delay, so my airplanes almost never depart on time.

Did you have similar issues? Or do you have an idea why this is happening?

The situation is in the picture below. Zone overlay turned on.

The exclamation marks at boarding are “normal” since a while ago.

In early versions, passengers nicely queued up, but since a while they all want to rush in at once and claim that no desk is available.

Also the speed of the boarding process is way to slow. :frowning:

For a large stand I usually run with a large desk and at least 4 automated desks. Normally it works for on-time boarding. Assuming when the passengers are already at the gate and not at a restroom or retail store at the other end of the airport.

Aaah ok… Thanks for the information!

Do you know if they are working for a fix for that?

And those exclamation marks are ‘‘normal’’ when near the gate during boarding or in general?

I have quite a few of them around my airport claiming there is no path, but I’ve been playing this game since the very begining, so I am sure all the zones are connected correctly. And the people do move to their intented destination eventually. It just seems that the game just stops calculating paths once in awhile and then gives the exclamation marks.

Send a bug report. And hopefully Olof will read this as well and put it back to the Todo list. :slight_smile:

I do have this case at every boarding.
Usually this warning should only popup when there are path issues. But it can also appear when the game struggles to calculate paths on big busy airports. That depends on your hardware.

I’m not really seeing any evidence that this is happening on all airports… :thinking:

Can you reproduce it on smaller builds as well andy?

I could reproduce it on my small test airport, it also works with maned wording desks but it takes a longer time until the passengers start to complain.


And there is no clear indication on where they’re trying to go if you click on the exclamation container?

They want to use the boarding desks but they are occupied by multiple other passengers.

This happens since all passengers want to use the desks at once. When we had a nice queue at boarding (not sure if it was in Beta or even in Alpha), this issue didn’t happened.

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Seems like this is an instance of the “bug” where issues tend to occur in large queues where there a lot of people on a tile and lots of people trying to use an object.

I would say the current way is more realistic. I haven’t seen queues at a lot of boarding desks at all.

You haven’t been in the UK then. We queue for everything - the national obsession.


Besides that I am not expecting to be re-coded, but would it have been better, if those desks could have had a queue assigned like security desks and check-in desks?

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Yeah, this is indeed an effect of a node occupation safety system. Passengers will override occupied nodes if they wait too long, and if you’re boarding a very large flight with very few boarding desks to distribute passengers between this is an inevitable result. Unfortunately there is no good solution to this other than adding more boarding desks for passengers to queue for.

Then why do I need plenty of boarding desks for a flight which runs with one check in desk? There I don’tsee this issue. :wink:
Shouldn’t it be the same logic?

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Note sure I understand the question, you can technically run everything off one check-in desk and one boarding desk but it’s going to take you a lot of time and people will not be queuing… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what he means is why is there no dynamic queuing at boarding desks while there is at check-in desks. You can run a flight off one check-in desk with no pathfinding issues. Check-in desks both have the ability to place static queues and dynamic queues form naturally if there is no static queue placed, hence there are no pathfinding issues. However, you need a lot of boarding desks to handle the same amount of passengers at the check-in desk. If you only have one desk, then there will be pathfinding problems (node occupation system problems), probably because you can’t place static queues, and dynamic queues are (for some reason) not formed.


Alright, thanks, I understand your point and it is a fair one. I guess it simply comes down to how we architectured the gameplay based on the airports we were traveling through during development. We wanted to make a distinction between the check-in desks and the boarding desk and recognized that there rarely, at least back then, were very few boarding desks that had the same type of organized queue system as check-in desks. At this moment I cannot offer any other solution than “playing the game”, i.e. adjusting your airport’s design to best fit the systems of the game. That said, I do agree with you that the experience is a bit unintuitive.

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