Automate emergencies

I would like to be able to let my staff handle emergencies, just like they handle repairs and flight scheduling. I will give them the tools they need - assign stands for emergencies just like I assigned stands to specific airlines, hire firefighters, build hangars, but the day-to-day operation should be handled by someone else.

Is this already in the game or planned for a future release?

It is intended that all emergencies have to be handled manually. That’s why it is also not possible to set an auto scheduled stand as an emergency stand.
The whole reason of emergencies is that the player gets out of his current activity and is forced to solve an unexpected incident.


OK, thanks for the info, then I’ll go back to factorio, where I can just automate and don’t have to do manual grunt work.

As written, emergencies can be turned off if you want to concentrate on construction and normal operation. :slight_smile:


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