Auto-Scheduler causing flights to overlap | ACEO-23914

For some weird reason (I think it’s just me and lag but I don’t know since it’s never happened to me before in lag), the auto-scheduler somehow managed to schedule flights over other flights that were already happening or were going to happen. It even managed to schedule flights at a certain hour which already passed by. So it would end up looking as if two simultaneous flights were going to happen at the same time at the same gate. Nevertheless, once I found the problem I turned auto-schedule off.
Here is a picture of what it looks like on the flight planner:

I also created an in-game bug report, issue ACEO-23914

It’s a known issue but I guess the more info, about how/when it occurs, that the devs have the better they’ll be able to solve it.

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I can see normal speed being active; have you been playing with that speed all the time, or did you play with double / triple speed when it happened?
I’ve only observed this with double and triple speed.

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It’s usually on all the time (however I do occasionally speed things up for building or just every now and then)

I get overlappings on manual rescheduling. When i release a flight on an invalid position, it returns to the time it was previously set on, but not the stand it was set on. It stays on the stand where i was trying, ignoring the fact somthing is already planned there.

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quite weird, sounds like another similar incident but with manual scheduling :confused:

Do you get multiple planes on the gate at that one time?
Maby look to the next day and see if the overlapping flights are there

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This seems to be Alpha 34.6-0, the issue is heavily reduced on the current experimental version Alpha 34.6-2 which I would recommend you to try out.

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No it was happening all the time, and I didn’t notice it because I was working Ono there things until I checked the flight status thing

Ok will try the experimental then thanks

Nope it is happening in experimental version too.

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It’s happening but it’s a lot less frequent. What enabled us to reduce the frequency and solve one part of the bug was the discussion we had in the topic and I’d be delighted if we again can have such a discussion and together uncover the root cause of the remaining overlaps. The first airport we solved the initial overlap problem with is now running fine and to verify the solution we ran it at triple speed over three real life days(!) on a test computer without issues. Has anyone made any detailed observations as to how we can reproduce the remaining overlaps?

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:joy: That’ll teach him!


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