Auto-Reschedule alternative to cancelling (When closing stand to move/alter)

Auto-Reschedule (When closing stand to move/alter)

My idea is that when we close a stand or any other such command that causes the need to cancel all scheduled flights (I disagree with this happening, though I can appreciate from a developer view why this is a good safety net to avoid bugs). Currently we are met with the “Cancel all” flights scenario or disregard. If we want to even just change one boarding desk we are forced to kill off the stand entirely, lose out vehicle assignments and cancel all flights - very frustrating and ruins airline satisfaction. The alternative is to reschedule what can easily be 7 days of 3x daily flights (or more!).

New process suggestion
1 - CEO closes a stand for usual purposes, such as alter the boarding gate configuration.
2 - Once no flight is currently locked into the stand, we select close stand button.
3 - New option to “Reschedule All” beside the red/green yes/no options to cancel all flights.
4 - “Reschedule All” will take the flights out of the stand, and re-queue them for auto allocation in line with usual process and timings for doing so.
5 - Any flights not able to be reassigned a stand in the next few days will just sit under the available flights area to be queued as normal for allocation.
6 - Usual satisfaction scoring applies in terms of available flights not being accepted within a time period. Rescheduling in this automated manner would of course if used too much, create a backlog of flights to be allocated resulting in airline satisfaction issues, rightly so.

Within this suggestion, I would also suggest a tweak to the need to close a stand to amend the boarding desk pairing. We should be able to add/remove boarding desks and other facilities without needing to close the stand. If a flight is due and we haven’t yet resolved the matter (reallocated new desks) the flight is simply delayed. Understandable, this could still be limited to only when the stand is not allocating a flight, that isn’t the issue :slight_smile:

Why it should be implemented:

The current set up, which I’m afraid to say is probably my least favourite, one of only a small list, of dislikes in Airport CEO. Having to close a stand entirely and cancel all allocated flights, to remove/add a boarding desk is just a pain. This should fit nicely into the current auto-scheduling of flights, we would just be placing the scheduled flights back into the queue for the automation to do its job again. This would of course follow the rules as currently used, so only an auto stand would take the stranded flights.

You could in theory, directly replace a stand by selecting an auto reschedule option, but only having one new stand set to auto schedule new flights into. Therefore using the existing system to swap stands.

There could be limitations such as those in the next 24 hours have to keep the same flight time. In the real world such flight changes due occur and passengers notified in advance, though naturally this is an airline satisfaction matter too.

Hope this isn’t too much of a in depth feature to bring to the table, mindful of the amazing work going on to get the game into a more finalised BETA state (Congrats!)

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