Auto Plannner And Contract Length


I know people have talk about the auto planner in the past. I still have have issues with the auto planner not scheduling flights or scheduling flights behind the red line which delays the flight. It make achieving 200 flights difficult. Is there a fix or work around.

Secondly the contract length is pretty short. Will there be a update for us to auto negotiate contracts when they are due?



Can you post a screenshot of your flight planner issue? I do use autoplanner a lot and don’t really have issues.
Also what are your system specs? On theory could be a performance issue when it schedules new flights.

What contracts do you mean? Airline contracts remain when signed. Only the flights repeat for a few days (which is ingame a season) but then they offer new ones.

there are available flights and space for them to be scheduled but auto planner does not schedule those flights.

I found the the button the auto negotiation.

As you can see it’s a new day but the auto planner schedule flights for the previous day which causes the new flights to delay

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