Auto Planner Double Booking

I think this is a result of my machine not being powerful enough to handle 40K passenger a day, but the auto planner started double booking flights a few times. This causes 5 hour delays regularly. Luckily it seems to happen at the small stands more than the larger ones. I have not manually planned any flights.

It has been happening over the last week at my current build.

I have the same issue every few in-game days and only on small stands. In my case most of the time it happened at night between midnight and 1am.

What game version is this happening on?

Default 1.0-10

And still doubling on Default 1.0-15

Okay, if you can drop a bug report on this and get back to us here with the number @Fredrik will have a look tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Ok. It’s number 43370.

I have right now the same issue (Default 1.0-15).

I didn’t report a bug cause @foxxygaucho did it already.

I suspect it triggers when you have a very large airport with many stands and flights. I can’t exactly reproduce it from the editor but I have found a few minor possible “leaks” which could be related to the issue. Please let me know if it persist after next experimental release. :slight_smile:


I am noticing rare cases when I place a flight manually, it gets scheduled for the next day or sometimes even on a day out of the scheduler.
Has this a relation?

Also when I want to shift a flight from one slot to another, I was a few times able to drop of on a blocked timeslot. Happened often when you have lots of stands and you need to scroll down.

(And in that topic: How do you shift a flight From A001 to Z999? You can’t grab it and scroll down. You have to place it several times on other stands to be able to scroll further down.)

In Experimental 1.0-16 i’ve got the issue again.

Would you like to have a bug report?

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