Auto planner - configuration

It would appear my Auto planner is getting confused or not operating correctly

In equilibrium there was a good balance between planned flights
05:00 to 23:00
18 hours, which allows 6 hours recovery for late / delayed flights, so that the next day starts with all stands available

However, now it only seems to be adding flights towards the end of the day, and if there are gaps then adding them earlier in the day
As a result there are lots of evening flights and very few before 14:00

My passengers numbers have basically halved

Do you have enough contacts active to fill all of your airport’s stands? And could you provide a screenshot of your flight planner?

88 (Real World) Airline Contracts

T1 (Domestic) -
22 Medium / Small Stands
3 Large / Medium Stands ( very rare for Large to be Auto Assigned)

T2 (International) -
9 Large Stands
9 Large / Medium Stands

The Auto planner is still erratic
One (game) week it can be perfect

Tuesday has now started (screenshot)

I have dedicated many of the stands, it is based on the previous weeks flights or what is available but not as yet assigned

T1 - Domestic flights :

Aer lingus Regional - 3 Domestic not assigned
Aer Lingus UK - 1 Domestic not assigned
flybe - Fully assigned
British Airways - 1 Domestic not assigned
KLM Cityhopper - No flights (Auto Assigned to T1 NORTH 10 in error)
Wideroe - 2 Domestic not assigned
Iberia - No flights
Loganair - 2 Domestic not assigned

T2 - International :
British Airways (Large only) - 2 International not assigned
Virgin Atlantic Auto Assigned to T2 NORTH 02 in error
Emirates - 4 International not assigned
Virgin Atlantic (Large / Medium) - 5 International not assigned
United Airlines (Large / Medium) - No flights - 5 International not assigned
Wideroe (Large / Medium) - 1 International not assigned
Bamboo Airways - No flights

I can see it is already struggling with the following day

, it is only building up flights from the end of the day toward to the beginning of the day

The assigned stands seem to be the main problem, I have no assigned stands at my airport which works fine. I dont know if not assigning stands might fix the issue…

It is possible the Assigned stands is not working as intended

I did not have such a problem on my previous airports, but they did not last long so I probably did not notice this issue
Equally, there were not as many active airlines

It does seem odd that an airline that has assigned stand is then allocated a flight at a different stand

I normally run the airport in steps

I pause to make changes and then use Triple Speed
However as my airport is now very large I have now started using Normal Speed
There are not as many (other) problems

When does the Auto planner refresh / load flights?

Odd, the Auto planner failed to load after taking the screenshots
Saved, closed, reloaded

Now it looks perfect again!
British Airways stand => Now allocated
Emirates stand => Emirates flights
Virgin Atlantic stand => Virgin Atlantic flights
United Airlines => Now allocated, previously empty

The runway load is fairly well balanced as well, and in turn that helps with passengers sequencing

Weird issue… Maybe someone else on here has experienced the same thing and knows more about it…

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