ATMOSFAR | Dev Blog 2: Up in the Atmosfar

Oi, vagabonds! It’s finally time for the second Atmosfar dev blog, and in today’s chapter we’ll be taking a look at the following…

:hammer_and_wrench: Cloud Cruiser construction
:helicopter: The Cargo Wasp
:desert_island: The floating islands of Planet Tycos

It’s all available here: ATMOSFAR | Dev Blog 2: Up in the Atmosfar...


Some really interesting juicy details in there. Thanks Olof :slight_smile:


Looks great!
Minor typo: What remains when two float islands crash > … two floating islands crash. Its one of the captions

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Thanks, that has been fixed! :slight_smile:

More interesting stuff here; I like the build flexibility and fragility of the flying craft, some gameplay depth being included.

Keep it up!

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