Assignment list for vehicles scroll speed feels slow, and order is very weird

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I like to keep my stands fully assigned with vehicles, to cut turnaround times and reduce traffic for faster baggage transfers. However, one thing that has caught my attention is the unbelievably slow scroll speed to navigate the stand assignment selector. It feels just glacial, especially when the list is scrambled. (I just discovered the hidden scroll bar on the right side, game changed. The scroll speed is still very slow though when using the mouse wheel.)

Which leads right into my other feedback about the stand assignment list for vehicles; there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the order in which the stands appear. Is it chronological? It would be nice to know.

I tried adding preceding 0s to the single digit stands, but that did not change the ordering.
standassign standassign1


I also agree on this U.I. bug. It is so frustating. There is also that warning on screen that annoys people.

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I also do really wish that I could group stands by terminals, and assign lots and depos to those terminals, or groups of stands.

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The UI design is…
Three dropdown lists for one thing!?
There should be one, including the name and type (stand, lot, etc), maybe with a filter and sort option


I would like to have alphabetical order. Therefore if it was implemented, it likely would be implemented to flight planner too. There’s a similar situation in it too.

Yes, my second post in this forum was a proposal to improve the flight planner UI.

Haven’t read it since then…

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i believe it was recently said to be looked into in the future. Currently the order is oldest stand to newest stand.

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Nice, thanks! I can work with that knowledge.

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