Assigning Vehicles

Am I mistaken in learning that I cannot assign a vehicle to both a depot and a gate at the same time? This is clearly a thing. What’s the point in assigning a gate if it turns around and travels across the ramp to get to it?

Looking forward to the fix.

It seems so. I thought it would be nice to assign them to depots, then also to a gate.

That was my intention as well. It still remains. I’ll get the vehicles all purchased and assigned first, just as before and await the changes.

I also noticed that you had to choose gate, or depot, but not both. I also noticed you can assign vehicles to parking lots – but I couldn’t figure out how to build a parking lot, or even if you can build a parking lot yet.

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Parking lots are not implemented yet:

Alpha 29.6-0 is up! Unfortunately no parking lots, deciding to withhold those as I want to perform a full implementation including public parking lots too to make sure it all goes to plan (and so we don’t have any future interruptions).

On Trello you can follow the progress.

At the moment it’s 1 on 1 on a stand, would be nice if we could assign multiple stands to vehicles and to a parking lot/depot. At the moment have a test running with one service vehicle type (fuel, push back, belt, etc) per stand and 1 extra per 4 stands in a depot nearby to catch the ‘gaps’ if necessary. Hopefully will be more flexible in the future when all bugs have been squashed.

The main point of assigning a specific vehicle to a specific stand is to be able to ensure operational capability, i.e. the fact that “on this stand there will always be a vehicle of type X ready to do job Y and will be able to do it immediately”:

We will continue to enhance vehicle behavior over time and we will revisit and refine this feature.


@Olof, I love being able to assign them to stands. I remember suggesting forever ago, and everyone chewed me out because “it isn’t the norm.” But I find that there really isn’t a norm. Where I am from (Florida), they can afford to park vehicles on stands with pretty much year-round nice weather. I would like to suggest that certain vehicles can have multiples assigned to stands - specifically the service trucks. Baggage loading and unloading can really take 2 vehicles per stand, but when a certain one is assigned to a stand, in my games at least, only that one will handle both unloading and loading of baggage, which will delay the pushback. I do have extras in a depot right next to my baggage bays in hopes that the assigned truck would unload, and when the task for loading bags was dispatched a truck from the depot would handle the outgoing baggage; sadly, I do not see that yet. But THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing us to assign vehicles!!! :heart_eyes: