Assigning vehicles to stands [solved]

I keep running into an issue where I assign the vehicles to my terminal, but then when I go to assign the vehicle (from the vehicle menu) to an actual aircraft stand it says “connection not possible.” This happens every single time I play the game and the only solution I can find is to save the game and quit and come back to it later. Why does it do this and is there an in-game solution that doesn’t require me to always exit the game entirely? Today I played for all of three minutes before experiencing the issue and having to quit. Thanks all!


when i remember you don’t have to assign vehicles to aircraft stands. The stand only have to be inside the terminal zone, anything else is automaticly.

However you can. It’s quite helpful actually… Are sure you are on ground floor when trying to assign the vehicle to the stand?

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I’ve never paid attention to that to be honest. I’ll try that next time it tells me the connection is not possible!

After nearly two years i learned something new.
I’ve never tried to assign vehicles to stands, only assign them to parking lots.


We’re always learning! :grin:

I like it so that everything is in place as soon as the plane parks and/or is ready to push. It helps to keep things moving in my experience.

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This seems to be the issue and also the fix I was looking for! Thank you.


Great to hear!
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