Assigning vehicles for stands [solved]

Hi. I started playing Airport CEO last week. I’ve gotten to the point that I have small, medium and large stands. I’ve figured out that you can assign pushback tugs and baggage loaders to the medium and large stands. Can I assign baggage carts, fuel, catering and cleaning trucks to the stands themselves?

If I can’t assign them to the stands, what is my best option to get them to the stands quickly?

Also, do I need 1 baggage cart, fuel truck, catering truck and cleaning truck per stand, or is that overkill, or not enough?


The only ones I assign to stands are the baggage carts/push backs/stairs/loaders

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Overkill for some but not for others. The number of each that you need relative to stands is different for each vehicle type. I do have a 1:1 ratio for belt loaders and stairs but less for other vehicle types.

In addition to what @TOKTU66 said, I think (but might be wrong) that airside shuttle buses can be assigned to a stand.

In terms of getting stuff to stands quickly/easily. Make sure that there are parking structures (multiple ones if necessary, based on the number and size of nearby stands) near/with easy access to each group of stands and then assign vehicles to those parking structures.

@dneibig is correct about the shuttle bus

For catering trucks specifically, they go to the catering depot to pick up meals on a job by job basis, so it’s more efficient to assign your catering trucks to a vehicle depot/parking next to the catering depot, as for each job they will go to the catering depot first, then to the stand.

Ah, I didn’t realise that. I’ll make some adjustments to my layout.

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