Assigning check in desks

Hello, I think it would be a good idea to assign specific check in desks to specific boarding desks.

With the current requirements of to check in desks for Medium flights and 1 checkin desk for small flights, alot of pre security space is filled with check in desks that arent well used. My current airport design would require 64 check in desks!

My thinking would to be able to assign check in desks like boarding desks are assigned to gates.

For example, 1 check in desk could be used for 2 small gates and 3 check in desks for 2 medium gates.

I would assume a change like this would also add in the requirement that the same airline use the same 2 gates at the same time.

I know this has been discussed before.

At the moment, you can do this via baggage bay. Though it would not be practical to have one bag bay to one gate, but you could group them in a way to spread your passenger load on the desks.

Example 4 desk → one bag bay → 2 stands

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