Assign vehicles to different parts of the airport

I currently have 3 vehicle depots for my airside vehicles one on the “west” side of the airport, one near the middle and one on the “east” side. I have different vehicles assigned to different depots based on how many stands there are in each part of the airport.

Despite the fact that there are enough vehicles of each kind in each depot. They don’t always serve the nearest stand. Sometimes a vehicle from the western depot will be used to serve a stand on the eastern side of the airport even though the correct vehicle type has been in the eastern depot the entire time.

I would love the ability to define different areas for each depot to serve. (Vehicle assigned to that depot will only serve stands within the defined area). Unassigned vehicles serve any stand


Could it be possible to assign stands to vehicle depots? Like we already do with check-in and stuff? So then only vehicles from there will go to designated stands.


Yea, this is a bit of a pain in the butt, some of my planes are delayed cause some trucks, baggage carts etc are coming from the other side of the airport when there is a perfectly good shed next to them with vehicles in them.


+1 on this…

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+1 too. Maybe allow assigning specific vehicles to each depot, like you can with staff to staffrooms??

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You can already assign each vehicle to a certain depot. Just go the staff and vehicles tab


Yes, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Vehicles always seem to choose the job which is the furthest away. I use different fuel trucks for different planes (the small ones for the small planes). But at the moment there is no way of keeping the small trucks from refueling the bigger jets. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I completly agree with that :slight_smile: . I was just pointing out to twistopher that this feature (assigning vehicles to depots) has already been implemented


Would it not be better to assign vehicle’s to a stand and depot and therefore they only serve that stand. You would need to have a pushback tractor etc per stand but I find myselves over stocking on them anyways as like you all say they tend to come from all over the place and cause delays. Think this is especially a problem eith pushback tractors.


Looking at how airports operate in real life, this is something we’re looking to implement. So you can either decide to bind a certain vehicle to a certain stand or have it bound to a vehicle depot and thus claim any job. Will require some dedicated dev work but not a super extensive implementation! :slight_smile:


Perhaps stands can be assigned to depots in the same way they are assigned to luggage bays. Then only vehicles assigned to that depot would work the stands. it allows the vehicles to service several stands in a particular area.


I think it’s important to look at what happens if a vehicle is not available.

  • Is there a vehicle in a different depot, can it be used?
  • And if that vehicle is used, will it then relocate to the other depot?

I think it would be a combination.

  • Assign a depot to stands
  • Assign vehicles to depots
  • If a vehicle is NOT assigned to a depot, it can be used everywhere there is a shortage (So you can have a depot with ‘overflow’ vehicles)
  • If a depot is not assigned to stands, it will also be available for any work

And pretty please with sugar on top…Can we have vehicle depots like we have terminals? Just place a flooring and add parking spots connected to service road. That way we have more realistic depot :smiley: When you assign a vehicle to a depot, you assign it a parking spot


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