Assign Stands to Runways

We need to be able to assign specific Stands to specific Runways. This image illustrates the necessity. I have seen jets (circled in green) dapart on Rwy 2. I have seen jets (red circles) depart on Rwy 1. Both Rwy 1 and Rwy 2 are assigned as depart-only. Clearly, the green-circled jets should depart on Rwy 1 and the red-circled, depart on Rwy 2. Especially critical, given that departure on Rwy 1 requires taxiing to the far west end. This will become more problematic when I add another 18 or so Stands to the western side of the map.


:grinning:Great Idea

This would be awesome, but I think it is a repeat idea :smiley:

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good idea :+1:
in my opinion, holding points must be introduced at the same time, so acft does’t wait indefinitely in case of taxi intersection

I think it is not a good idea. IRL any airplane on any stand is allowed to use any suitable runway. What you can do is parallel taxiways so there won’t be stuck airplanes.


That’s a pretty looking airport, well done!
I do like the idea because it makes logistics more efficient, but yeah it’s not as realistic.
I think it would be nice to assign checkpoints to stands rather than runways to stands. That way we can have a multi-terminal airport.


An easy fix to this would be to remove the top right corner taxiway. So that both runway groups are separated.
Doing so also makes it nice and easy to handle multiple runways


Uh…NO! Tried that on a previous airport. Pathfinding is sufficiently bad that, unless ALL taxiways are connected, the aircraft will drive all over the map, including THROUGH the terminal (scares the hell out of the passengers). A forum poster told me to ensure all taxiways are connected to prevent that mess.

Go ahead, try it yourself on a large airport. Let us know how that works out for you. LOL

Stuck airplanes are not the issue. The issue is the amount of time it takes for a red-circled aircraft to get to Rwy 1, vice Rwy 2, and a green-circled aircraft to taxi to Rwy 2 vice Rwy 1.

An alternative solution is that pathfinding logic should compare “which is the closer runway?” Then, taxi in that direction.

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Soon path finding will be solved and when that happens maybe we won’t need to discuss this issue anymore.

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Aircraft depart on the rwy they are assigned when they request pushback. It wouldn’t be such a stretch to designate a specific rwy for a certain gate

May be we could create zones (like district in cities skylines) and the assign runways to those zones.


Aircraft need to take off into the wind, as it reduces the ground speed required and thus the length of runway required.

A cross-wind is also not a good idea for landing or taking off as it can blow the aircraft around and make for an uncomfortable ride (or in extreme cases, cause accidents).

The only time this suggesting would make senses is if the winds are calm.
Some airports have noise abatement procedures which direct specific runways to be used in case of calm winds.
This is to avoid flying over noise sensitive areas, like residential or hospital buildings when they don’t need to.

One way taxiways and high speed exit taxiways would do wonders for managing the flow.


Agreed. I wish that was in the development roadmap.


Include this U-Trun too.


It is a good idea IMO with the current time scale we have. One of the only ways to reduce time taxiing is to have the planes use the closest runway. If they ever adjust the time scale it wouldn’t matter as much and we could get more realism.

I understand the gripe but asking the pathfinding to send an aircraft to the nearest runway isn’t realistic in the slightest (and neither is assigning runways to stands). So I agree with @EG0611 . But perhaps you may be onto something in the interim before pathfinding encompasses more intelligent aspects of ATC operation etc.

I also strongly agree with @Thorozar about timescale as I have on multiple occasions. :slight_smile:


ah great. That’s why I had once machines going through my terminal. My pax were scared to hell :smiley:

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I don’t support this idea. It’s simply not how airports work. Planes take off on the runways which has most suitable with the current weather, not the on that’s closest to them.

I recommend you to have the runways at one side set to departure and the runways at the other side set to arrival, so you would have a constant flow in the same direction.

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