Assign Stands to Runways and Vehicles to Depots

Just a couple of thoughts. I have aircraft plowing all over the map and ignoring taxiways to get to whatever runway they feel like going to. It would be nice to be able to assign the stand to a specific runway so that aircraft go where you want them to go.

Similar issue with vehicles, they go to whatever depot they feel like going to (typically the one that was built first) instead of going to the most logical or closest one to where they are operating. Would be nice to be able to assign the vehicles to a specific depot so they go where they are wanted and to cut down on travel times for aircraft service.


Can you show us the situation?

Vehicles to depots really would be awesome.

The stands to runways would help, but if we had 1 way taxi ways it would not a be a problem.
But if you chose to connect them, then a route component would be awesome too.


+1, great idea, especially the depot part.

I have light aircraft doing the same thing. Going to the wrong runway and having no path so they charge across the map to the stand. Perhaps an alternate fix to assigning runways would be to male it so you can assign runways to be light/medium/heavy.

This happens. When there are no connection between runway and stand, aircraft just “glides” to gate. It is a backup system instead of deadlocked aircrafts.

You cannot divide small commercial aircrafts with medium aircrafts on runways. They both land on “commercial” specified runways.

Possible alternate fix as opposed to assigning runways to stands. Make it so you can designate runways as light/medium/heavy? Not sure which would be easier as far as coding goes. Honestly both options would be nice. Being able to designate which stands use which runways will help to alleviate the congestion and being able to choose which type of aircraft can land on which runway… well doesn’t really need an explanation as per the photo.

Assigning everything to everything is not a great solution. A better AI is what we need.

Perhaps, but it would be more realistic. It would make you the Air Traffic controller instead of the coding nightmare to make the AI do it for you.

Wait, do airplanes not currently choose the runway that allows them to access their gate? Because I just designed this, but haven’t run it yet.

If this doesn’t work, I’m going to end up with one hell of a traffic problem.

Maybe. But this design is like a game airport and not like a real world airport. What to do if you have to close down one rwy because of a crash, damage or maintenance? Everything should be connected to everything :slight_smile:

It won’t work. The planes would just soar through all the walls/spaces to its stand.

I’ve reported that a as bug already. I’m having the same problem where aircraft are landing on the other side of the airport to their stand. I’ve just had to reduce the number of flights and it doesn’t happen so much.

Assigning runways to specific gates wouldn’t be super realistic. Most of the time in the real world aircraft are assigned runways based on their direction of flight once airborne or where they are arriving from before landing. Take DFW airport in Dallas for example. You have the terminal in the middle with a group of runways to the west and another group to the east. If you only take into account taxi routes it would make more sense to assign aircraft parking on the west side of the terminal to the western group of runways and east gates to the eastern runways. However, if you have aircraft taking off on the western runways and then turning to the east to head to Florida and aircraft departing the east runways then turning west to fly out to California you would have aircraft crossing paths just after takeoff. What the airport has done to make it less chaotic to taxi is to build parallel taxiways around the terminal and designated one ring to go clockwise and the other counter clockwise. Being able to designate one-way taxiways would be the ideal solution I believe.

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Yeah, so if I could implement one-way taxi-ways, I’d do away with my implementation above (which I’m seeing won’t work anyway).

I agree that directly assigning gates to runways is not-realistic. Feels like there may be situations where we’d want it though; for instance when we start dealing with ultra-heavies, they’d only be able to handle large gates & large runways. It may not be an assignment, but you could traffic plan around the fact they’d only use certain runways.

Agreed. Trying to find an implementation that’ll allow my airport to work right now while we wait for better taxiway management to come about.

The idea to asign vehicles to depots would be a great help. For example i have on the left side a runway only for GA flights and several stands only for GA. Nearby I have a depot und the fuel for GA flights.
On the top right i have a runway only for commercial flights, stands for commercial, 1 depot and the fuel nearby. Both areas have there own serviceroad and checkin to the normal road. Now the fuel trucks for the GA.- area pass the checkpoint go along to the normal road and enter the other checkpoint to the commercial area and go to the commercial depot. Thats stupid.

This would be also helpfull for baggage carts, if they have an own depot nearby the cargo bay.

Thank you so much!!!

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