Assign people to desks, stands, etc

Ok, so how this would work is you would click on a staff member in the staff menu, and you could assign them to certain stands, desks, anything. You might ask, why do this? Well here’s an example, I have made an airport and check in runs smoothly, I have 12 passenger service agents and 6 are running 3 check in desks, however, when boarding comes along, those 6 would have to walk a ton to get to them, and that’s why I have 6 ready at the boarding desks, HOWEVER, those 6 people aren’t doing boarding, so flights are delayed. If I could assign them to the boarding desks, it wouldn’t be bad.


Maybe try having a staffroom nearer to the check in desks so they’re closer for when a job task arises for them. I know this has helped in many of my airports as it reduces the length they have to walk to get to the job


Tried that, they just lay on their butts in the staff room

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I was actually going to ask the developers to implement that because I experience the same issue all the time. Thanks for the suggestion. I second.

Thanks for the extra real life info! :slight_smile: Maybe this could be part of the contract you sign with the airline :thinking:, if they want a large presence (read X amount of stands ‘dedicated’, x amount of flights p/y, etc (all possible maybe future features I hope for, not in game yet!)) they will deliver a lot of staff, like with shop/restaurant contracts, to take care of check-in and boarding. For the smaller ones the airline delivers smaller amount of staff, but have to walk more as well as they have multiple duties. Or the airport delivers them, like now, but they come at a cost percentage for the airliner. If they deliver their own smaller amount of staff you as the CEO need to take care of planning where check-ins and boarding desks are, so the staff will be on time for their duty.

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From my recent experience, lately the same Emirates guy checked in my baggage and then scanned my boarding pass at SYD/YSSY, while a month earlier in WAW/EPWA check-in and boarding also for Emirates flight were done I think by the shared staff (these people weren’t wearing the Emirates outfits).

So basically airlines are responsible for their whole ground handling.
They may do it with their owns stuff or hire a company to do it. They might outsource different parts (check in, baggage, boarding, cargo handling, ramp service) to different companies and to it themselves, any mix is possible.
I would like to have this in the game… in an airline ceo game, that is :slight_smile:
For Airport CEO, we see the other side of the contract: airline hiring our staff, renting our facilities, rooms, services.

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