Asahikawa Airport (AKJ)

A few months ago I have start make real airports in scale (partly) and create my first airport - Asahikawa Airport, a small city in the center of Hokkaido. The airport mainly operate domestic flights to Tokyo and Osaka. There is an international route to Taiwan regularly and seasonal flights form Far East during summer.

Early stage published (alpha 32)

With the big wings and R&D update, the design has evolution to more realistic.

New overall layout, larger grounding area, nice car park and Trees !

Domestic flight check-in zone

International departure zone - much colourful and modern design
(as well as keeping some spaces for alpha 35 update )

Want to a meal before flight? A nice food court can satisfied your stomach with wide range of restaurants

Anyone wants to buy cosmetic?

Baggage claim area

Behind the scene - domestic baggage

Behind the scene - International baggage bay and supporting facilities

And this is the real image from aerial photo:

Even not 100% same as original , at least have a try to create it.

Wanna to try operating? Click the link below and get start


I am mind blown! This is so creative!

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Before upgrade Asahikawa Airport to Alpha 35, Here is another airport in Japan with new Alpha 35 version:

Link: Steam Workshop::Kobe airport


Finally Asahikawa Airport has upgrade to alpha 35 with following new features:

  1. International security

  2. Automation (Vending Machines, bag drop-off)

Improvements : Ratio of restaurants and cafe (new food court layout)

-The game save is blank without signing any contract
-Recommended playing with my Japan business mod for fill up all shops and restaurants contracts!
Link: Steam Workshop::Asahikawa airport