Arriving passengers remain in terminal as Bus stands and Taxi stands are crowded


I have built a small airport with 10 Medium aircraft stands. The problem I am facing now is that arriving passengers are stuck in the airport because all Taxi stands and Bus Stops are full and marked with a red !. I realized that there are hardly any buses and Taxis arriving despite the fact that i have already built lots of Bus and Taxi stands. Is there anything i can do apart from building more stands?

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Same problem here !
It‘s crippeling my airport to the bone.
[Total breakdown of public transport]

@Pedro86 Welcome to the forum. Which version of the game are you on? This is shown in the top middle of your screen. If a save & reload doesn’t fix the issue, please report a bug with the in-game bug reporter, same for @LEI. Also add the bug number in this thread so the devs have a reference. Thanks.

For the future, please choose one of the topics (e.g. Support) when you have a specific question, as this topic was on the ‘Off topic’ category and that is not read that much and it is seen as off topic.

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For now I’d recommend investing in subway entrances as Alpha 35 will bring multi-terminal capacity which is why we’ve not improved the spawn rates and ratios of Alpha 34 (as that is being worked on in Alpha 35).

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