Arrivals Restriction - Max flights per 15min interval (Auto Planner and Real Time)

Arrivals Restriction - Max flights per 15min interval (Auto Planner and Real Time)

An idea how we can add just one setting in the planner, but for it to assist the auto planner with its staggering, but also assist the CEO in reacting to incidents in the moment to control his/her airport avoiding bottlenecks and snowballing of delays.


  • Ability to easily restrict the maximum number of arrivals that will be accepted within a 15min period (0600-0615, 0615-0630, 0630-0645…), via a simple drop down in the planner (1,2,3…)
  • Auto planner will follow this limit, if a 15min interval is already full, it will skip to the next whilst still focusing on individual stand limit which we already have.
  • In real time, the limit will be followed by ATC. Aircraft will circle/hold as they do currently if runway unavailable, landing in priority order of scheduled arrival time.
  • If existing scheduled flights are forced to circle/hold too long, they will cancel automatically.
  • Would link in to how we handle emergencies or other incidents/situations.

Why it should be implemented:

  • A simple but potentially really effective method of staggering flights - the current automation I’m sorry to be negative here but it is poor, particularly for larger airports.
  • Arrivals controls are widely used in industry, both in normal operations and also for planner ahead but also reacting to incidents as they happen.
  • Would compliment the existing developments of emergencies/events. If there is a strike or a runway closed due to an emergency for example, the CEO can toggle the limit and ATC will force aircraft to circle/hold.
  • This would also indirectly act as runway slots, a popular suggestion in forums.
  • I’m sure we’ve all battled with growing airports and seeing delays for services which are put under pressure suddenly but then sit idle/empty for most of the day. This would be a way of controlling and staggering the demand.

I’ve tried to make this suggestion a very basic and simple function that could be effective but entirely optional. I find it near impossible to manually stagger 15+ stands schedules. Whilst the auto planner groups too many flights together with no means of controlling it. I though the option to limit your arrivals in once place as one setting might be worth thinking about.

Feedback always welcome :slight_smile: Thanks!

I wonder if it’ll be very difficult to implement, because otherwise I agree. I find that auto-scheduler likes to avoid staggering flights, and I end up with multiple flights scheduled to land and take off at the same time

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Yes, i think the flight planner automation to use a limit per time interval might be the more advanced feature request. The option to hold aircraft in the moment from landing based on a limit, might not be so complex.

Fingers crossed something like this may be possible in future to assist the auto planner function

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