Arrival zones

I was thinking it would be a nice idea to have arrival zones so that you can draw a path for arriving passengers to travel down. This would help prevent them from walking across the gate seating and get them flowing where you want. Could be like the staff zone where it can be drawn over secure zone.

People in real life take the shortest route… If you don’t want them to walk there, make it an obstacle course with plants n’ stuff everywhere. Works for me!

I don’t want to disrupt boarding though. And very few people waltz through gate seating vs going to the walkway to baggage claim.

IMHO, having an arrival zone wouldn’t help much with the pathing, it just points out to the end direction they’ll be going, which incidentally the security exit also provides.

just a quick FYI, I loved your idea, so tried setting up a wall starting at the farthest edge of the boarding gate, and leading directly to a secure exit. Then I also closed the entire area with staff only zones to make sure there was no diagonal tile out. the result was people ignoring the staff zones, then walking thru walls…bug report made. lesson learn’t…back to the drawing board. the passengers seem to have to pass by the boarding gate on the way out as well as in…if that wasn’t the case, this could work

Yea that is the rub. Also that bug with people walking through walls that was introduced last latch.

I draw walls between gates which sort of makes them walk down the main hallway, but they still walk through their gate before hitting the wall, a few will then wander a few tiles into subsequent gates on their way to the security exit.

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