Arrival-only buses not doing their job

So I’ve tried to set up an arrival only route for my passengers, where they would enter through my main building but exit through a bus taking them to the passport check area and out. yet, the system is not working as buses dont move. is there a procedure i forgot to add?

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Gates which are directly at the terminal connected by a crosswalk are not served by remote busses. Busses are only working for remote gates.

By the way, you can insert screenshots directly in to the text field here. :slight_smile:

@Olof please consider to make the arrival bus button only available if there is a remote bus stop for departure attached.
This issue here seems to happen very often.


So why the “arrival only”? If its a remote stand it needs departure and arrival bus service. The arrival only means that the bus should take ppl from the gate to the assigned bus stop, but the departing passengers can go through the normal pathway. I belive the intent is there but not the execution… In Lisbon, for instance, you board low cost planes on terminal 2, but if you just landed, you are put in a bus and dropped at T1 for baggage claim. Thus, the T2 only has departure infrastructure. I belive the same should happen now but I’m missing sth…

No, that’s been the intent, because in the past you can’t segregate departure and arrival. Thus your remote bus stop was the departure and arrival stop.

Now since departure and arrival can be segregated, the question becomes whether it’s possible in the future to have an option set up a stand as remote stand for arrival but it acts as a connected stand for departure, and vice versa.

So, it works. yet, it behaves like a remote stand. Pax bard through the terminal and exit through the bus. Perfect. yet, the ramp agents have to take a car to the gate. Its close to perfect tbh but the ramp agents kinda make a mess of things

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