Arrival only airside bus stop

Hey .

My airside bustops on work on arrivals and I can’t see the option to change this. I have loads of remote stands that don’t load passages

Is there another option? I think I’m doing someone really simple wrong. Only my 3 day playing the game



moved to support

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please can you explain in more detail . Thanks

Right, what @andyc was meaning was that you most likely started this ask for help in another Chanel on the forum, and no-fun went ahead and moved it over to the dedicated support channel in the forum

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Yes, it was in Off-Topic where almost no one visits and sees this topic.

Regarding your issue:
Can you show a bit more of your airport? Where are the bus stands?
Can you also share a screenshot with active zone overlay at the bus stops?

By the way, to make Screenshots in Steam, press F12. They will then appear on the Steam main page where you can copy them and upload it. This looks better as when you make photos with your phone. :slight_smile:

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