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Hello all. I am in the process of trying to make a realistic airport, and as you most likely know, when you arrive after landing, you rarely every go into the boarding area (eg the area you would enter when you are travelling from the airport). My home airport using the following process, which is what I am trying to do.
The departures section is on the top floor, if you go down a very small carpeted ramp, you’ll get to the boarding counter. In this boarding counter area, there is another ramp that goes down, this is for arriving passengers and will take you to baggage reclaim area, and out of the airport.

What I want to do is have an area where arriving passengers go, which is separate from departing passengers.

Is there any way to do this?

There is not at the moment so you have to mix arrival passengers with departure ones

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There are thoughts around one way doors, that could help to manage this. Not clear yet if and when it will be implemented, so for now indeed it will be a mix of PAX.

I think there might be a way to do this at the current time. I haven’t tried this in a while but it worked 1 or 2 alpha releases ago.

When you have arriving pax exit the aircraft you would need stairs or escalators that take them up or down a floor level and then Make sure your security exits are only connected to the paths that take arriving pax to one of these floors.

If your security exits are on the same area where your departing pax floor is then they will most likely exit that way. So make sure the exits are only in where pax are forced to go up or down a level.

So in a way you are forcing arriving pax to go down or up a floor to get to the security exits . Im not sure all pax would go through the stairs or escalators at their gate but its worth a try I guess

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You are right, this will have the effect of separating arriving and departing passengers by floor, but the issue in the current game is that arriving passengers can (and will) go into the departure area to use the toilets/shops, even if there are some on the arrivals floor.

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As already said it is possible, but won’t work perfectly, just kind of “work-around”, as it is officially not supported.

This is my “solution”:

exiting plane to stairs upwards - as all other security exits are “staff-only” (so staff can walk shortest paths):

exiting secure area, taking unsecure escalators downstairs, two times:


And, finally, another set of escalators, directly to acoording baggage bays:

I think pathfinding is horrible, and under full-load I face reasonable lags (with a powerful machine) - but it works quite well… :grin:

EDIT: It is correct, that from baggage bays, pax are able to walk wherever they want. but normally after baggage bay they seek for fulfilling needs (which I built nearby) and “leave” only.
As my transportation hub is in the middle of the map on 2nd basement, pax do not go anywhere else…

Nice solution.

I don’t have screenshots but my current approach is that I build a rectangle that sticks out of the terminal for the air bridge to connect to. Within this rectangle I have stair down for arriving passengers which come straight out to security exits and the baggage bay and things like toilets.

The security exits stops departing passenger from going down and most arriving passengers head straight down. It is not prefect but think once we have immigration/customs it will be easier for passengers to be directed to an exit.

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I will make a counter point to this as in the US it is much more common for arriving passengers on domestic and pre-cleared flights to exit the jet bridge into the boarding area and then walk through the terminal to an exit. This is a much simpler layout in smaller airports and in hubs it is necessary for connecting passengers. I do understand what you are suggesting is needed for international arriving passengers and I have also seen how this is handled in many larger European airports.

Main point, this should not be a requirement but merely an option in ACEO.

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