Are my windows facing the right way?

I can’t clearly see what the ‘outside’ side of the windows is. Can anyone tell me if I did it right?

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One I always struggle with too. @Jettuh

It’s wrong … technically. If you color your floor tiles beneath the window, you may recognize that they happen to be outside of the window this way.

In a non technical way, it’s correct if you like the look of it.

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One architect would make a window lean in, another might want them leaning out. It’s your terminal, do as you please

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Don’t worry. Soon windows will be updated.


The everlasting question :slight_smile: they were designed to be placed the other way around.
But it’s really up to you.

The new windows will still allow you to use both sides, but also on this one, the top is meant to be inside the terminal the bottom facing outside :slight_smile:


They look a lot better than the previous one. Good job @Jettuh


It looks like it can also be used as separator window. I really like it.


Happy to hear guys :slight_smile:

Please, could you add an arrow(or dot) to pin point the right direction. Not only windows but the likes of similar objects that are not easy to spot.

Imho this is quite common problem in every simulation game since 90’ that lack this ”arrow/point” feature. Sure you can be creative, but I want to use the objects as they were designed.

Pretty please :pray: oh mighty creator. We all love your work!! Keep it up, sir. :+1:

P.S I’m still waiting your version of the airport snow truck :wink:


@Olof ^ see above


I agree with this - items like the shop counter and cafe counter are difficult to place correctly without seeing which side of the counter the staff are going to occupy. I quite often place objects in the wrong orientation to begin with, or have to refer to one I already have when building new ones.

Any way of being knowing the correct orientation of an item before placing it would be greatly appreciated!


+1 That would indeed be a great addition, would save a lot of zooming in and out :relaxed:

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Now that’s a great idea :slight_smile:

snow truck will be made some day :wink:


New windows will get deployed with this update!

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Looking good! :smiley:

Is the frame colorable?

Hahaha I’ve thought the same thing from day one!

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