Are disconnected terminals actually possible?

I’ve built an airport with two different terminals that are only connected by road. I zoned them with the terminal area and I realized the staff were demanding to move between them so I built a really long underground corridor.

But now, I started having passengers and for two in-game days, it was running great, but now, passengers are just showing up at terminal 2 even though they have a flight at terminal 1 (this does not happen the other way around ??) Everything is zoned correctly but passengers just do not show up at the correct terminal and the game is spammed with issue notifications about it so it is really annoying.

Did you zoned both terminals together or each for themself?
Did you have subway, taxi stands, bus stands, etc. at each terminal?

I zoned every terminal for themself and each terminal has got its own subway stations (i don’t build taxi, bus, etc. cause of the traffic jam and no space on the ground level). With this configuration i’ve got no problems with passengers at the wrong terminal.

Both terminals are zoned for themselves, and they both have public transportation stands

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I guess you already reload the save game and the issue persists.

Now i have no idea what the problem could be, maybe someone else.
The best is to send a bug report and look what the devs say.

I had reloaded the game a few times but after maybe the third time in a span of two days, the issue has fixed entirely. So that was a weird bug, but at least it fixed. :sweat_smile:

So you cannot recreate this bug?

I’ve had it happen with other airports in the past

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