Apron busses EG: Cobuses

Hi there will there be apron busses for further planes from the terminal EG: Cobus. also apron bus parking next to the gates and please your opinion on it, thanks:slight

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Do you mean remote stands, i.e. stands for aircraft that aren’t adjacent to the terminal and require a bus to transport passengers to them? If so, then it won’t be in the initial release of the game, but the developers have already expressed an interest in introducing them further down the line.

Yes, I forgot to call them Remote stands

I was going to open same suggestion topic but lucly someone already did. I also think these remote stands would be amazing. It also includes realism and creativity to the game.

I hope to see them soon.


In my point of view remote locations also add a very interesting part in the apron design, (taxiways, roads for buses, bus gates (for loading/unloading pax from terminal gate to the plane)

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Here are some links to similar topics where your question is answered.
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The second one of course being the devs saying that remote stands will be implemented.


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I am sure most of us have watched second gameplay video. So I got a question about this topic;

How GA passengers will travel to/from terminal to/from airplane?

So if developers solve it by adding minivans, could it be possible to see apron buses in release between remote jet parkings and terminal?

I just had an idea while writing this. In order to reduce coding, could current bus stops can be used as apron bus stop with slight improvements?


I believe they stated somewhere (too lazy to look (it’s been a super long day) lol) that apron buses or cobuses would be something they’d look into adding I believe at a later date.

@Nace888 that’s right even Bigbigcheese mentioned its link just couple of replies before. But developers said that they will implement it after first release. What I want to say is; if this feature (delivering passengers between remote stands and terminal) is developed before release, both, GA and jets can use it. It is actually win-win situation.

Well I just figured out something… Jets will need ladder trucks :smiley:

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Mabey add taxiwaycrossings so that you could have remote-stand on the other side of the taxiway?


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