Apron bus do not go to the gate

i have a bug in the game. apron bus is do not go to the gate. i have another bug which may be somehow related to my main problem. for some reason, platform service agents cannot get to the parking lot of official cars, although they have all the necessary passages for this

sorry for my english used the translator

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May this guide helps:

Otherwise please show your entire airport with the connection between the gate desk, bus stop and the remote stand + the connection of the service car stops and the remote stands. :slight_smile:

unfortunately I did not find deviations from the manual that could fix the problem. i checked all the remote stands
and their connections they look something like this (screenshots)

Part 2 because I can only send 1 picture in the reply

So passengers and ramp agents are able to board their vehicles but the vehicle then cannot find a path to the stand?

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