Anyone know how to completely delete a stuck aircraft?

Hi all. Does anyone know how to completely delete a stuck aircraft from the game? I have several aircraft stuck in the deicing station, which seems to be a well-known bug. Unfortunately these aircraft never clear – they just sit there eternally. (Other aircraft stuck in deicing sometimes clear on their own, but not these ones.) These particular ones have been there for more than a week of play. They’re also stuck on my flight status list. I would love to just get rid of them but I don’t know how. Any tips?

Never had this.
I’d try a save/load, and if noone else has a better idea: learn to edit the save files and try to delete the flights there… but first make a backup

There is any possibility to delete single flights in any .json file…

I think @dallas has this arleady done or knows how to do…

You need to edit your GameSave JSON file. Dallas did report success after this guidance.

Yes, I successfully deleted dozens of flights stuck on the de-icing pads. A real hassle.

  1. Save a backup of your file. VERY IMPORTANT!!!
  2. Edit GameData.json. I use gvim as my editor. It’s my application development editor.
  3. Search for your flight number you wish to remove
  4. Locate: {“referenceID” just prior to that. It may be a hundred or more characters before.
  5. Insert a linebreak just prior to that
  6. Search for the next {“referenceID”
  7. Insert a linebreak before it
  8. You now have three lines: the line before your flight, the flight line itself, and the rest of the file
  9. Delete the line containing your flight
  10. Repeat 1-8 for each you flight you want to delete
  11. Save the file and reload the game

If you want to delete ALL flights:

  1. Save backup file
  2. Search for: commercialFlights[
  3. Find ending ] bracket ( I use gvim’s % search)
  4. Delete everything between the brackets
  5. Save and reload
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Thanks, @dallas. I’ll give this a try later and let you all know how it goes.

So there’s no need to delete the inserted linefeeds? I mean, can the game load the save file with linefeeds?

Game can load with linefeeds.

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I tried to delete all the code in between commercialFlights without success. I still have those 4 planes stuck in the middle of nowhere on my map.

I also find out I had a ton of other “ghost planes” in my save. Currently, i’m building some stuff so I didn’t plan any flight, but there were several “incoming flights” planned in my save. I don’t know where they come from.

I successfully deleted one flight but I didn’t attempt deleting all commercial flights. I’ll get to the others later today. @dellonia, I’m curious what happened to your other flights (aside from these four stuck aircraft) after you attempted to delete all flights.

Actually, i took the time to empty the airport first, meaning that only those four planes were in the airport. However, they are listed nowhere in the schedule planner. Impossible to find them.
In my save, I found something interesting. While i could find the planes with dallas’ trick, I also saw that in the entire line other flight numbers appeared. For instance, the last one is a lufthansa one with the following reference : LH161. After the first appearance, I only found LH162 code. Is this the reason my planes are stuck ?

161 and 162 should be the same flight. It’s 161 on arrival and 162 on departure.

That’s what I though, but in game, the plane has the 161 code, not the 162. Before it got stuck, the plane was leaving the airport. That’s why i don’t really get what happened in my save.

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