Any known problem with automated check-in desks?

Hello, I have a bunch of registration desks, and nearby bunch of automated check-in desks.

Normal registration desks are no problem. But… only SOME of the automated check-in desks are in error.

(I of course multiple checked that the conveyors are indeed correct, and they are :0)))


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What do you mean with “are in error”? Can you add some screenshots or more details?

Hi no-fun, you like pictures, don’t you ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here they are :0)

Happens only on part of the auto-check-in automated desks.
On these shots, you see 3 self-check-in and 2 standard check-in that work, and… 2 that don’t.

NB: replacing those which don`t work with standard counters, and … it works.

Reason why I asked if there was a known bug on the self-check-in counters… Which are really practical.

May I ask for a translation of the error message?

Sure, says : “Medium check in desk 18 is deactivated, and will not work” (sorry, forgot we’re in English here)

Lol, I haven’t noticed the different language. And yes, I love screenshots as my spy software can’t connect to every screen. :angel:

But it would be interesting if it’s always at the same number of attached automated desk you get that issue.

And if you can reproduce it, a bug report can be usefull for the devs in case there is a bug.

Lol, best explanation ever… :rofl: :rofl:

Hi, this looks strange, can you drop us a bug report and let me know the number here?

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Oh, sorry Olof, but I already replaced these self check-in that did not work by normal ones - which work fine.

But I’ll attempt it again on the next airport, and submit a bug if this happens again.

Correction: I have again the same problem on another airport, and therefore did a bug report :0)

But… huh… sorry, I did not take note of the report number, 4xxx…

I found it, thanks! :slight_smile:

Olof: After a few ¡other airports, I believe I found the culpright: This is only a difference in the behaviour.
Take a virgin airport, add 1 standard check-in desk. This one looks normal, no red warning dot.
Add 1 self-check-in desk: immediately gets a red warning dot.
At this stage, neither are connected to anything.
So, simple solution to avoid misleading: make behaviour of both desks kind the same, no warning dot :0)))

Other than that, problem solved, and… thanks for your attention :0)

I am not sure I fully understand, regular check-in desks will be operated by airport staff and thus those desks will not invoke an inoperable state unless there is a connection issue to the baggage bay. Self check-in desks require two items in close vicinity to function, i.e. the actual desk as well as the baggage drop. If one of those are missing neither of them will work.

Could you define ‘near’ in terms of squares? How far does a self-check-in need to be built near a drop off?

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