Any ideas on the big planes comming?

Is there anyone who knows what planes are coming out (or a few and keep some a secret) I know a320 and md80 (from the picture and also side note can we get a a320 neo?)

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I’ve got a semi working Neo as a mod I’m trying. Not had much time last few weeks to do anything more with it I’m afraid.

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A320 is already in game and there are no news or even announcement about MD80.

What airplanes thah comuunity knows are; B787, A330 and A340 but on Public Trello, you can see that there are 6 cards for “new” airplane development so there is an assumption that there will be 3 more large airplanes than these. These 3 might also be medium or small airplanes so we will see when time comes :wink:


Maybe… If you look at image in Dev blog, you can see MD 80 has marked length, but I’m not sure if that actually means it’s added.

That length has been there since release…


Really? Shit, I’m dumb.

that’s what I thought as well :smile:

It would be really cool if we got the 717 or the M90 and M100 (formerly the MRJ series and Space Jets)

would be nice to see a huge bird update that brings the b747 and a380 (and maybe the antonove 225 (or 227 forgot which is bigger :neutral_face:))

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