Any better way of dealing with emergencies? [solved]

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getting a bird strike thus something leading to a burning plane landing can lead to very undesirable results when using autoplanner. Sometimes, you just do not have a stand freed up - mission failed. My solution: add a switch to stands for marking them “reserved for emergencies” or have a special dedicated stand type for this. Autoplanner won’t touch them or at least assign broken planes only to there. It still puzzles me, why I have to have a stand with gates added to accept a mayday properly. Maybe this has something to do with ramp agents needing to check but this stand type could accept service cars while in emergency mode at least.

Also, it would be nice if hangars would be rented so airlines could send planes to your airport for the sake of repairing them increasing relations with that airline or enable GA people to park their plane somewhere else than outside. As project mercury seems to be finished, I have no high hopes for this making it into the game but IF there is some spare time for fine-polishing an already awesome game, then: “Yes please!”

This can already be done. In the flight planner, on each stand, you can press the cog icon next to the name and disable auto planner on it. I think you can do this through the plane stand UI as well

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Yes, I figured this out as well. Still strange that it has to be a fully operational commercial stand thus connected to a gate and everything. And not very intuitive if I may add, but design-related (needs access to flight planner and ramp agents for event solution). There are some other QoL improvements still waiting. When I think of it, building a stand comes next. Once it is finished, it starts as “open” and if you are only a bit distracted, the game immediately clogs it up with a GA flight or if the flight planner is active, it plasters it with contracts. My solution: stand start closed by default. Otherwise, you need to baby-sit the building operation to avoid the “cannot close stand with active planes connected” window of exhilleration and frustration.

Adding a separate type of stand and operation would be a lot of work for a minor feature, but I do agree with your point.

Changing a stand to closed when building would certainly not be too hard, I’ll take a look at it.

What I do is always using remote stands for dedicated emergency stands. This allows you to use the same bus stop as for other gates on terminal site and save a lot of space there. It only needs one gate desk assigned to the emergency stand which then will never be used.

The manual emergency handling is something the devs wanted. So there won’t be any auto assignment of stands in emergency cases.

Regarding the hangars, I think the initial plans had much more features planned for them. But it ended up in the way we have it now.

This is a current feature in Airport CEO Tweaks


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