Another Holding Point Issue - Post Now been Sloved

Is it because the plane run out of fuel and about to… or taxiway bug? Will make a email bug report with game saves if I have to.

You don’t have any taxiway hold points that I can see.

Same Save File I zoom in more with the Grid On.

I made and I know how to make Taxiway Hold Points and seen plans park in the past save files, but this is broken for a Bug Report.

The fact that the red cog notification pops up and the lack of any visible holding points tell me that you still don’t have any holding point.

Right click the node, then left click on node type or something like that…

You need to right click on a taxiway node near the runway to set a holding point like the status on the aircraft says. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I been trying on different saves is my Plane Stands to far away or to many?? I try to right click near the run way, I get frustrated and try rebuild new save, and new load so doing same thing, very hard to solved it when you are trying to click it near the runway. Maybe my Plane Stands are to far? I can’t tell if it is Rotating when I click near runway looks all the same to me. I feel like Sending this by Email.

You have to click the sentence, it’s a bit undeveloped as it is not really a neat button.


Oh… Will Try it.

Update: Thanks to @Patje389

I feel like a Idiot now not knowing to click on the sentence. :sweat_smile: I Will keep finding new Adventures, I hope there are nicer Polish UI down the road for the Taxiway. I will start fresh with a new build Save since I know how! - Post Withdrawn.

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