Animals, any way to remove it


I just got the new update with the animals, and it’s cool, but the problem is that my airport is full of cows, dogs, and animals everywhere, I am building fences, but the animals are inside, is any way to move out? Just wait to go out of conflictive zones?

Thanks for the help

Patrols will remove them for you.

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I see, and how long patrols can go?

Do I need to create a road around all the places in the aiport?

Yes service roads required. Patrols take place at regular intervals. You can have more than one patrol.

Birds can I believe spawn in trees. The animals will also (I’m not using Olof words) disappear after a period of time (no food) as well.

I’ve found in my games, fence an area in, and let the wildlife disappear naturally then connect up to the main area and then expand. Fences can take quite a while to build I know. :frowning:

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I prefer to build fences while I do research projects, then you are not building other stuff.


I changed my strategy, the problem was that just before the update, I take a couple of loans to make a very big ampliation of the aiport, new runaways, and a whole new floor and new terminals, so my workers was busy to some days, and in the middle of that, planes cannot move around due animals, and I tried to fence everything but was to slowly, a total chaos. I stoped the fencing project, and trying to build a big road to make some patrols, and later on try to make fences again, the problem that to survive I need to take it the 3rd and last loan, so I am not sure if I be able to survive, xD.

Hope the patrols work fine and quick.

I can just see my patrol does nothing with animals, just be at a side and continue the work. But the animals continue there.


Yeah same here, patrols don’t always remove animals it seems like? I guess it still needs some fixing as its a new feature on alpha

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Same issue: ground patrols are doing nothing to stop ground animals, despite being in front of them

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How do you get them on field in the first place? I have a 100% fence on the outer perimeter and never have issues.

well yeah but notmally patrols are supposed to yeet animals, so still an issue that they don’t :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes when you freshly fenced the animals end up being local residents haha. Just like Charles-de-Gaulle’s squirrels (adorable to see before take-off, particularly when holding short).

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They eventually despawn … In the meantime charge for wildlife tours in your security patrol secondary income lmao.

In all seriousness one of the first things I do now is fence the entire perimeter … Even before I plop the runway.

Once I plop terminal I adjust the fencing


This is what I do:

  1. If simulate construction is off then I just plop a block of terminal on the animal and it disappears. :joy: :rofl:

  2. If I am going for achievements then I just build smaller fenced in areas and wait for my patrols to work away and the other animals to disappear. I suffer through waiting for my planes to move. :neutral_face: :rofl:

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