Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. (AMS)

I’m showcasing my build of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (IATA = AMS) which I’m building in Sandbox mode. It’s a work in progress, so I’ll try to update this as I go.

What I did so far:

  • Enabled all the tiles for the savegame
  • Made screenshots of the empty map in ACEO and placed some markers every x tiles
  • Made a vector image of the Schiphol layout from a Google Maps image and an image editor to overlay the ACEO map
  • Created a grid so I could match the scales
  • Build the contours of the Schiphol building with 3 of the total 6 runways (see screenshot)
  • For the terminal layout I’m going to lookup some maps online.

Google Maps

Contours in AEO

Overlay view in image editor (Gimp)
Showing the vector image from Google Maps with all unnecessary vectors cut out and the end result of the contour of Schiphol in ACEO.

Things I’ll have to do differently from the actual layout of the airport:

  • Schiphol has an underground baggage system which I’ll have to find room for
  • Schiphol has 2 levels for departure and 1 level for arrival on top of each other, so I’ll have mix all 3. My goal is to put in all areas from all levels.
  • I cannot create the diagonal runway that is in the playable area

Things I’m trying to cope with:

  • Aircraft needing to much taxi time. I might have to shorten the runways and make them look longer to shorten the taxi time.

Currently I’m trying to get departure hall 1 working in combination with flights (10 stands) on the B-pier and C-pier.

Hope you enjoy this build, I know I do!. :slight_smile:

Update 14-oct

  • Setup check-in and security in the departure halls 1, 2 and 3
  • Setup the two bottom piers (B-pier 6 stands, C-pier 4 stands)
  • Setup baggage system for B-pier and C-pier and connected it to departure hall 1
  • Tried the first flights.
  • Decided to move the baggage handling closer to the stands to shorten transport



Look forward to seeing how you fare!

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Wow, go on!
I’m looking forward to final result of rebuilding of one of my favourite airports IRL.
Good luck!

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You know what would be really cool… - Have the ability to actually overlay a picture in-game… :grinning:

Good luck… but I tried something like this and it crashed miserably…

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Ha that looks awesome!

Added an update (14-oct) to the main post.

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this looks beautiful I just wonder how I can expand terrain can someone help me with that?:joy:


But be advised that it is not suggested by devs. It may break your process, your path finding and even your airport save file.

Thanks you😁