American VOID international

new airport im working on

runway systems


for every 2 gates, i will connect them like above from an airport by TwoCflyer
will keep updating!


Looks amazing! :slight_smile:

Thanks, am wondering if 1 large Runway can take 8 large gates

Pretty sure it can @VOID. Not sure about my pc though. :sweat_smile:
EDIT: Are you going to add de-icing?

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Idk if I will
Edit: it would fit

new executive staff room!


and the chairs already follow the social distancing rules. :smiley:


lol (sarcasticly or literaly?)
edit: now i get it, the small staff rooms are distanced LOL

At least you would know the name of the airport and know the logo.

Any updates yet @VOID?

Lol kinda forgot about it, I might work on it more latter

lol. Imagine someone built a multi billion dollar airport and just forgot it.

Lol so true

Lol, I think you forgot again.

Ya I did

I currently have three large runways handling 22 large gates plus 14 medium gates just fine :wink: However I do manually spread my schedule across and reserve two gates (one size for each) for emergencies.

It’s lagging as hell tho!


If the layout is designed well, you don’t need tons of runways. I have 53 small/medium gates running well with 4 runways. While only 2 are for large+medium planes, the other two for medium, splitted up in arrival/departure only. Full map here
Played with the auto planner for a while and it could work perfect if pathfinding wouldn’t be broken.

Will try that again later when some issues have been fixed. And it’s only on alpha 35, so it needs an upgrade. Also now the limit of 200 flights per day has been increased, so I can get even crazier now. :crazy_face:

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That’s a beautiful airport.

I might sometime soon revive this name on a different airport

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