Am I the only one...?

I am still having a blast playing the game and enjoy the features it has currently. But the following update makes something in me worried. From what I read from the experimental section and the threads I am a bit reminded of Sim City 4. There were emergencies as well but they became a nuisance over time distracting me from the game aspect of building a city. I fear the same for Airport CEO. The stuff looks cool but I wonder in what frequency emergencies will occur and how that will entertain me or distract me from building up the airport thus becoming an unwanted break in my game-flow. Anybody else sharing this fear or might it be unreasonable?

I mean, I want to build and operate an airport and rather not be chief dispatcher for fire trucks. I just fear burning planes clogging up my airport and disrupting my flight schedules while the ground crew is on strike not as exception, but as rule. The game should not focus on me to keep me occupied with something.

Just shrugging my shoulders on the topic. Any helping comments?


Hi Doc.

I believe emergencies levels will be based on difficulty setting. I also believe there will be an option to disable them completely.


I do think it could be nice to have the settings for economic difficulty and emergency difficulty be adjustable independent of each other. I would enjoy having an emergency heavy airport with a sizable starting budget.


Well, unless you “cheat” and use f9 + stop incidents. :wink:

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In Easy I had no emergencies whatsoever.

In Expert mode, I just build an airport with a current bank balance of 1.000.000+. Whit full blown emergencies.

Choose a level you are comfortable with.

I find the update a very nice addition to the game.


You can also set it on extreme, save, edit the json find the line that says “funds” and change that to what ever number you want then reload the game ::wink:

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To get that balance do you jack the fees? How many stands you got? Baggage, catering, fuel, and waste?

I have a hard time making money at first with my airports, shops and food don’t fill contracts because of not enough sales even with marketing with 5 administrators on it

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I made a chronicle of my whole trip today, on expert mode.

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Cool will check it out when I get home, am at work on my lunch right now lol

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I fully understand this concern, which is why as Jasper said you have both the difficulty settings to play with and in the first beta version will have the option to turn them off completely.


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