Am I doing baggage right?

Am I doing the baggage claim system right? I honestly have no idea what to do here, so help would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome. Yes baggage can be tricky.

Good screen shot but would be helpful too see the whole baggage system including check-in desks, baggage bays etc. Also what version are you playing?


It’s indeed tough to get it right the first time, I’m gonna try to help you as good as I can :slight_smile:

1.You can’t have your baggage lines crossing, you see the orange arrows on the road? I guess you meant to have two seperate lines, it won’t work if you have them crossing. (just FYI you also can’t have overground belts and underground belts crossing). You can have 2 lines merge however

2.Your baggage bays only have 2 connection points, 1 for outgoing and 1 for incoming. In your case they are at the bottom.

3.If you want to connect your underground belts to your baggage bay you have to have at least 1 overground belt between your underground belt and the baggage bay.

4.You can merge all your incoming baggage from the check-in desks on 1 line and route it to the baggage bay.
If in the future you have multiple baggage bays you can use a tilt-tray to sort the baggage.

I suggest you watch this video to get a better understanding (the actual building starts at around 11:00):

Hope this helped!


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