Alternate liveries

Hi guys!

I’ve been trying to mod Airport CEO. So far I’ve managed to create airlines and liveries without a problem, but I’ve read on the guide that “The game also supports several liveries for the same aircraft type. You will need to have a separate folder for each variation such as B737800_1, B737800_2 etc.”

But it doesn’t seem to be working. Any specific advice on this? Thanks.

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Hi and welcome

The multi livery feature does not work since a while. We all wait that this comes back. The guide isn’t up to date.
At the moment you have to create a separate contract for each different livery.


Bummer… Thanks!

Anyway, we are looking forward for your airline. Sounds exciting when you do multiple liveries. :slight_smile:

Just uploaded it to steam.

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That looks very nice. :+1: