[Already Implemented] Airport lounges owned by airline or by airport

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Airport lounges


For a certain number of passengers (traveling with a business class) at the airport there are lounges.Lounges are designed by a player and when they are done, player have two options (depending on the size of the airport and the quality of lounges)

  1. The player can offer companies to use the lounge at a certain price (which the player determines
    depending on the quality and the size of lounge)Aiport can also earn money from the sale of passes for economy passengers.

  2. If the airport is large and its used by large airline companies, player can make a lounge at the request of an airline(the airline says how much it needs to be big etc.). Then the airport earns money from renting the lounge,
    and lounge can only be used by that airline (and partners)

Why it should be implemented:

It would be realistic and fun

Images, references or additional content:

Type 1

Business lounge at Belgrade Airport,used by various airlines:

Type 2

Etihad lounge, used by Etihad and Etihad Airways Partners:



Good idea!

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Good idea.

Airlines choosing to use your airport as a hub could pay a premium for this.

Alternatively it could be really interesting to build this in to an airline contract (Eg: hub, X number of aircraft slots per week, with aircraft lounge. The player would then need to build/allocate lounges as part of the contract.

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Great idea


Really good idea.
I’ve made my own lounges in my airports, and colour coordinated them to an airline, but it spoils it when a passenger from a different airline comes in.
This would be a good addition and solution. :slight_smile:

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Great idea!

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Like this idea also, it could be fairly simple to implement, for example at Gatwick you have many lounges operated by 3rd parties such as no 1 lounge, aspire etc. It could be set up similar to shops and restaurants in the game, you create a room with sofas, tables, bar etc and then you accept a contract based on the room created, you then get a share of the profits and contract bonus when completed.

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Would be good to merge this with airline hubs or develop the 2 together. When you get an airline hub contract, a lounge could be one of the requirements, then have a more basic lounge for other non hub airlines.

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Maybe community moderators can set this topic to “implemented”.

Since this is implemented, I close to the topic, message the community team if you find it should be reopened.