Alphabetical sorting of stands/gates lists


Any chance could consider ordering the various lists for stands, gates, desks, whatever it may be.

This would be a great help for assigning vehicles from the drop down, for those of us OCD bunch (myself included) that rename their stands and desks.

Could also be nice for the planners to sort the gates by name/number alphabetically

Didn’t post in feature voting as I think this is more just a helpful tweak to existing features.


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Assigning vehicles to parking lots/depots/stands is a nightmare as it is randomised also.


You can change the stand description in the Flight Planner or on the stand itself. Click in the stand label (red arrow) and change the text to read what you want.

You can also change the description of any other structure, but unfortunately this doesn’t carry through to the allocation of vehicles to parking lots or depots. Another thing to tidy up in Beta, I suppose…

Thanks - I’m aware of that option to rename directly in the route planner window.

My issue is more the sorting of them in drop downs and including there in the planner :slight_smile:

yup, I can’t wait for everything to be shorted alphabetically. Parking lots for assigning vehicles… contracts for assigning an airline to a stand. when you have lots of airline contracts or parking lots, assigning them to stands or parking lots is a huge pain when looking for them in the drop down menus.

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